Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Self-Publishing Resources

    For writers who are thinking about self-publishing, I would recommend these blogs/sites
and this guess post: Michael Sullivan on Self-publishing (highly recommended!)

There is also this post back in 2009 that all writers will find both interesting and informative.  A New York Times Bestseller shared her royalties statement.  It's a treasure trove of information.  Required reading for all writers in my opinion.

The Reality of a Times Bestseller

More on The Reality of a Times Bestseller

As I said before, it's hard to make a living as a fiction author whether you are self-published or traditional published (unless you hit the big time).  Do a thorough research before deciding which route will be best for you.  This blog is about self-publishing success stories, but there are a lot of self-published authors out there who barely sell at all.  For example

Successful Indies Only, Please (note, tongue-in-cheek...),82422.0.html

Other useful information about author advance.

Author Advance Survey 
Author Advances: Survey Results
What’s the Average Advance?
This NY Times article (back in 2009):  "though most publishers I talked to cited $30,000 as a rough average."
What do the various romance (and YA) publishers pay? Here’s the best info I’ve gleaned from a dozen years of surveying authors who were generous enough to volunteer their figures. 

I'm currently working on a third project.  I hope it will up in a few days.  
What is it about?  It's a list of Amazon Publishing authors under these imprints.

Thomas & Mercer
Montlake Romance
Amazon Publishing New York

Authors who are likely to surpass the 50,000 self-published ebooks sold in the near future.  An asterisk indicates an author who is/was traditionally published.  This is a partial list.  
  1. *Donna Ball / Donna Boyd
  2. Russell Blake - sold about 13,000 for the month of March 2012
  3. Jason Andrew Bond - averaging more than 100 a day over the last several months
  4. Cheryl Bradshaw
  5. Robert Gregory Browne
  6. Kay Bratt
  7. *Lori Brighton
  8. Christopher Bunn
  9. Sarah Burleton 
  10. Stephanie Campbell
  11. *Diane Capri - sold more than 15,000 of her novel in 3 months at $5.99 price
  12. Elle Casey
  13. V. J. Chambers
  14. T.B. Christensen - April 2012 sales:  more than 8,000 books sold
  15. Jaycee Clark - very close to 50,000 sold
  16. Judith Coopey - 'Redfield Farm' has sold more than 25,000 copies as an e-book
  17. Julia Crane 
  18. *Jana DeLeon
  19. Jillian Dodd
  20. Dee Ernst
  21. Bronwen Evans - I've almost made your $20k off one novella I've self-published on Amazon in four months
  22. Doug Farren
  23. Patrice Fitzgerald - made almost three times a typical Harlequin advance in about four months on my self-pubbed novel
  24. *Joseph Flynn - over the past 15 months, my titles have sold more than 40,000 copies
  25. Lizzy Ford - the author sold 6,134 books in the month of April 2012
  26. Catherine Gayle
  27. Alexa Grace
  28. Lars Guignard - "author Lars Guignard makes good money on ebooks"
  29. Susan Hatler
  30. T.R. Harris
  31. John G. Hartness - 25,000+ books sold last year (2011) - $40,000 made last year
  32. Steena Holmes - April 2012 Sales – 5,319
  33. Joan Hall Hovey - over 5,000 books sold for the month of April 2012
  34. *Sharon Ihle
  35. Aiden James
  36. Jinx Jamison
  37. Virginia Jewel
  38. Beverley Kendall
  39. Rex Kusler
  40. Joseph Lallo - sold more than 7,000 books for the month of April 2012
  41. Randolph Lalonde 
  42. Anthea Lawson
  43. M. Louisa Locke - made $50,000 since Dec 1 - source
  44. *Kathleen Long
  45. *C.S. Mark
  46. Patricia Mason
  47. Kallypso Masters - sold 15,000 of my 1st book; 14,000 of my 2nd; and 12,500 of my 3rd
  48. M.P. McDonald 
  49. Murray McDonald
  50. Scott McElhaney
  51. *Patricia McLinn
  52. M.R. Merrick
  53. MeiLin Miranda
  54. D.J. Molles
  55. *Joseph Nassise
  56. Amber Lynn Natusch - sold more than 7,000 books for the month of April 2012
  57. H.T. Night
  58. Kait Nolan
  59. Ann Voss Peterson
  60. John O’Brien
  61. Lisa Olsen
  62. Sean Platt and David Wright
  63. Brian S. Pratt - have sold over 17,000 copies
  64. *Laura Resnick 
  65. *Lauren Royal  - the author sold 6,523 books for the month of April 2012
  66. Anthony Ryan
  67. *Barbara Samuel - April 2012 Sales – 13,000
  68. Deb Sanders
  69. *Jeff Sherratt
  70. Michael Siemsen
  71. James Somers
  72. Suzan Tisdale
  73. A.R. Wise 
  74. Lacey Weatherford
  75. Norah Wilson


  1. Cool! Glad to hear that there are a lot of self published authors that are doing well. This is definitely a good inspiration to all others that are aspiring to publish some awesome books. :D

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