Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Self-Publishing Success Stories: Andrew E. Kaufman

Excerpt from A Message to My Readers (from the author's blog)

We are now selling our books--lots of them, good ones--and readers are not only finding us, they are supporting us, taking us seriously. That's a great feeling for a once-struggling writer like me who spent years trying to find an audience and who faced more than one-hundred rejections from agents who said my work would not sell. Despite those rejections, I never stopped believing in my work, never stopped trying. And now here I am. I suspect there are numerous others just like me who feel much the same way.

The author generously shared his sales number for the month of March 2012 with ireaderreview

Andrew E. Kaufman (53,984) for the month of March 2012

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The author also shares "some key ingredients for finding success" as an indie author.  Very informative and a must read for inspiring authors everywhere.

Highlighting the author's 3 books:

As of this writing, While the Savage Sleeps is #76 Paid in Kindle Store.  This is an amazing achievement.

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