Thursday, April 5, 2012

Self-Publishing Success Stories: Susan Denning

This author achieves success from her novel "Far Away Home."  According to No Limit Press, Far Away Home
is a bestselling ebook on Amazon Kindle and ranked #1 in western romance, #2 in ebook historicals and  #3 in historicals for 6 weeks. The ebook was an Indiereader Self-Published Bestseller for 8 weeks and a "Staff Pick" on Ebookfriendly. 
The benefit of high ranking on the Kindle Store is that it sold pretty well (~60,000 copies).  The author generously shared her sales number with other writers on the Kindleboards Writers' Cafe.

I peddled my paperback for two years and sold 400 copies. In June 2011, I thought I'd give ebooks a try. To date, I've sold over almost 60,000 Kindle copies. It's been an amazing experience. I am so inspired to see Barbara Freethy, Darci Chan and Catherine Bybee on the NY Times Best Seller list, that I am writing a sequel. 

Highlighting the author's book:

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