Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Self-Publishing Success Stories: Catherine Bybee

Excerpt from Katheryn Lane's Meet Catherine Bybee: Amazon, USA Today and WSJ Bestselling Romance Author (January 19, 2012)

Once I made it onto the top 100 books on Kindle the book sold itself.

The cover is amazing, and it has helped my sales. Bad cover = Bad sales.

The blurb is catchy and I do think the book itself delivers what I say it will. A quick, sexy read with a HEA that will keep you smiling.

I did do a book tour for a couple of months and found new places to travel online. I had review after review that praised the book. All of these things help and I’m incredible lucky this story resonated with my readers.

As for sales… let’s just say that I’ve reached nearly 200,000 readers with this book so far.

Read the rest of the interview at:  http://katheryn-lane.blogspot.com/2012/01/meet-catherine-bybee-amazon-usa-today.html

Amazon also highlighted her success in its press release:
December’s #1 best-selling Kindle Direct Publishing book “Wife by Wednesday” was also the #5 overall best-selling Kindle book in December and has appeared on both the USA Today and Wall Street Journal best seller lists. Author Catherine Bybee was formerly an emergency room registered nurse, and has now left her job to focus on writing full-time.

Highlighting some of the author's books:

That's (nearly) 200,000 sales as of Jan 17 2012 was from "Wife by Wednesday" alone.

Her other books are with a small press.

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