Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Self-Publishing Success Stories: Lexi Revellian

Excerpt from Lindsay Buroker's Interview with Successful Indie Author Lexi Revellian

I gave myself a year to submit to agents before self-publishing. I submitted to 38 agents and four publishers; two agents approached me, four asked for the full typescript, two said they’d like to see my next novel. None of them offered me a contract.
[. . . . .]
Do you have any suggestions for new indie authors trying to build a name for themselves (and make sales!)?

Write a book that people enjoy reading. Make sure your editing and formatting is perfect, your cover appealing and your blurb enticing. You will need to let readers know your book exists. Look at indie books and authors that are doing well and analyse why they are successful. Don’t overprice your book; what matters is not what you think it’s worth – it’s what the buyer is prepared to pay for a book by a writer she’s never heard of. Write another good book.

This is a terrific time for indie writers; with the advent of the Kindle we can compete for the first time with mainstream authors, on a nearly level playing field. This just isn’t possible with paper books.

She gave very good advice.  Read the rest of the informative interview here:

The author has sold over 54,000 ebooks (March 2012) since she started self-publishing. Her most successful novel "Remix" spent an amazing 8 months in the UK Kindle Top 100.

Highlighting some of the author's books:

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