Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Self-Publishing Success Stories: Kathleen Shoop

Excerpt from Book Reviews by Norma Budden's interview with Kathleen Shoop (January 2012)

I had an agent who couldn't sell my women's fiction and didn't want to take on more, so I searched for other agents and publishers until 2010. At Pennwriters that May, I met successful self-publishers and listened, yet again, to agents on a panel critique query letters. They all agreed they would turn away one author's query because she used the phrase "amateur detective" in the letter. I thought, geeze, that could be the greatest mystery ever written but because they didn't like one phrase in her query letter it's a no???  Well, that realization, years of rejection and the growing market for self-publishers collided to convince me it was time to go out on my own. So, May 1, 2011 The Last Letter was released. [. . . . ] 
All I ever wanted was to have readers beyond my friends/colleagues; at over 50,000 books sold since May 2011, I'd say I achieved that.

Highlighting the author's book:  

And the trailer for the book:

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