Thursday, March 29, 2012

Self-Publishing Success Stories: Aaron Patterson

Excerpt from Guest Post by Aaron Patterson on JA Konrath blog.  This was back on January 17, 2011 (more than 14 months ago).

Joe Konrath:  Today's post is from Aaron Patterson, who regularly smokes me on the Kindle bestseller lists.  
. . . .
I released my second book, Dream On, in December, 2009 and dropped the price of Sweet Dreams to $0.99. This is when many authors begin to roll their eyes and mutter that my shenanigans were “devaluing the market.”

Here is a breakdown for Sweet Dreams:

In the first month at its new price point, I sold 102 eBooks.
The next month, 250.
Then, 340, 550, 700, 850, 900, 1000 and 1200.

I eventually readjusted the prices of both my novels to $2.99. I expected my sales to drop, but my numbers went up instead: I sold 2600. In December, I sold 3200, and my sales continue to climb.
Click on the link (above) to read the informative guess post by Aaron Patterson.

It's obvious that Aaron is rounding his monthly sales.  But adding it all up, that's 11,692 from December 2009 to December 2010 just for one book.  It's now 15 months later.  I wonder how many he has sold of just that book since that time?

Just a FYI:  Three of the author's books are currently on the top 1000 of Amazon Kindle Best Sellers right now.  Sweet Dreams and Dream On have been out for more than 2 years now.  Amazing longevity.

Sweet Dreams :  #131 Paid in Kindle Store
Airel: #281 Paid in Kindle Store
Dream on: #985 Paid in Kindle Store
In Your Dreams: #2,037 Paid in Kindle Store

Highlighting some of the author's books:

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  1. Cool, my numbers are way up now. I sold just under 20k just last month with my 4 titles. I average 5-7k copies a month as of this year. You can email me if you want more info. Stonehousepress at hotmail

  2. Thanks for the reply. Congratulations on your amazing success.

  3. I loved this book. I had downloaded his first book Dreams my accident. I thought that I was getting James Patterson and just started reading and loved the book. So when I finished the first book I went on to this the 2nd and it was just as good as the first. He is very much like James Patterson one of my favorite writers. I didn't want to put the book down, there was always something going on. The characters are great you feel you know them and like them. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes James Patterson or books like his. I can't wait for the next book to come out.