Friday, March 30, 2012

Self-Publishing Success Stories: Melody Anne

Melody Anne generously shared her sales number with other writers on the Kindle Boards Writers' Cafe.
Hi guys, I just found this forum. I've been really curious about how other self-published authors are doing. I don't know my exact number of payed sales right now. I know it's over 150,000. I have over 250,000 total downloads from free promotions, too. I published August 2011, and have done really well, which is thrilling and surprising. I write romance and young adult books.

Melody Anne

Congratulations, Melody.  A quick look at her current Kindle Ranking

The Tycoon's Revenge (Baby for the Billionaire - Book One)  #815 Paid in Kindle Store
The Billionaire's Marriage Proposal #1,142 Paid in Kindle Store
The Tycoon's Vacation (Baby for the Billionaire - Book Two) #1,253 Paid in Kindle Store
The Tycoon's Proposal #1,900 Paid in Kindle Store

Highlighting some of the author's books:

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