Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Self-Publishing Success Stories: Bob Mayer

Excerpt from The Publishing Borg Are Here: Lead, Follow or Get The Hell Out of the Way (Nov 18, 2010):

I use to tell aspiring authors to never self-publish fiction.  The reality is 99.5% of self-published fiction will fail.  But about a month ago when I began Write It Forward, I had to re-evaluate.  The reality is 99.5% of queries to agents fail.  So the odds of succeeding at self-publishing at little cost via eBooks and Print on Demand, are pretty much the same.  There are going to be success stories coming out of the ranks of new authors among the self-published.  So why not double your chances of success by continuing querying while at the same time self-publishing and self-promoting?  Some will say that agents won’t look at material that’s been self-published.  That’s called an ignorant agent.  The game has changed and either change with it or get the hell out of the way.  BTW, the self-promoting is something traditional publishers and agents are saying authors have to do anyway.

Excerpt from his website

I sold 347 eBooks in January of 2011. In just six months, by July 2011, I was selling over 65,000 eBooks a month. From that modest beginning, by 2011's end, I had sold over 400,000 eBooks.

Keep in mind that Bob Mayer has an extensive backlist from his twenty years as an author.

Highlighting some of the author's books:

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