Saturday, March 31, 2012

Self-Publishing Success Stories: Marie Force

Excerpt from USA Today's "Author Marie Force talks about her e-book success" (October 2011)

HEA: How many e-books have you self-pubbed? And about how many have you sold? 
Marie: As of September 2011, I had self-published seven e-books and sold close to 140,000 copies since the first one posted in November 2010. In one month recently, I made five times what I made in three years with publishers. From January to September of this year, I earned more than 20 times what I made in three years with publishers.

Stunning success.  And that was back in September 2011 (~140,000).

In March of 2012, this number was at more than 200,000 ebooks.  She wrote this in the comment section (defending self-publishing):

I've self-published 11 books with a 12th on the way and sold more than 200,000 ebooks in the last year. I don't spend anywhere CLOSE to 75 percent of my time on the items you listed in your post. Rather I spend 75 percent of my time writing the next book and 25 percent of my time dealing with my business. The best way to sell books is to write another book that my readers will want to buy and read, which is why I keep my focus on the writing.

A real-time snapshot of some her books ranking on Amazon:

Hoping for Love #440 Paid in Kindle Store
Falling for Love #1,565 Paid in Kindle Store
Maid for Love #2,043 Paid in Kindle Store
Fool for Love #2,260 Paid in Kindle Store

Update:  300,000+ as of June 2012

Highlighting some of the author's books:

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