Friday, March 30, 2012

Self-Publishing Success Stories: Cheryl Bolen

Excerpt from The Book Boost Blog "Time Changes with Guest Blogger: Cheryl Bolen"
Surprisingly, My Lord Wicked is an original e-book that was never published before. It has outsold all the others, several of which were award winners when they were available as mass market paperbacks. My first print publisher turned it down as my option book, and being a newbie, I thought maybe it wasn't a very good book. It was one of those we writers stash under our beds. I've got a lot of those, probably about 20! (My first book sold was the 7th written!)

But when I re-examined it recently, I thought it was worthy of publication. Trust me, some of my other ones which didn't sell previously I would not foist upon readers who've come to expect a certain quality book from Cheryl Bolen.

Cheryl Bolen generously shared her sales numbers with others on the Kindle Boards Writers' Cafe.
Since I began self publishing ebooks nine months ago, I've sold 145,000 copies over several books, with most sales in the Regency genre, where I have had many print books published by NY publishers.

Updated sales number
 I was thrilled last month to mark my one-year indie anniversary with 200,000 paid sales, most of which were for my 11 historicals set in Regency England, a genre in which I was established in print.


A real-time snapshot of some her books ranking on Amazon:

His Lordship's Vow #574 Paid in Kindle Store
A Lady by Chance #1,326 Paid in Kindle Store
The Earl's Bargain #1,612 Paid in Kindle Store
My Lord Wicked #3,432 Paid in Kindle Store

Highlighting some of the author's books:

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